The Broccoli Project: audience favorite Global Entrepreneurship Competition

Jun 02 2009

The Broccoli Project Here,,,,,,,,,,,,, here, Here,,,,,,,,,,,,, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here. here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here. is a accutane australia, accutane australia, accutane australia, accutane australia, accutane australia, accutane australia. alli uk. life-affirming programme that approaches poverty alleviation and some of its attendant issues from a unique perspective.Ai?? Using a similar model to the many incentive and loyalty programmes targeting the rich, the Broccoli Project rewards the poorest members of society for positive, life-enhancing behaviour.


Itai??i??s actually really simple. Poor people who take advantage of free health screening programmes, actively seek work, or keep their children in school are rewarded with vouchers for basic necessities. So, for example, people who take an HIV test, or who are screened for hypertension or diabetes will get vouchers they can exchange for food, clothing or building materials.Ai?? But it doesnai??i??t end there. If, say, someone does test positive for HIV, the system can be geared up to reward them for regularly taking anti-retrovirals. Now thatai??i??s a pretty cool thing, as thereai??i??s not much point taking the drugs if you canai??i??t afford to buy decent food.

And itai??i??s backed by a sophisticated biometric data base with some really sexy functionality so itai??i??s easy to keep track of whatai??i??s going on. The organisations administering the programmes can effectively monitor the progress of individuals or communities, and donor organisations will receive comprehensive reports based on reliable data. Experience has shown that donors who know where every cent is going are more likely to hand out more. So everyone wins.

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207 Responses to “The Broccoli Project: audience favorite Global Entrepreneurship Competition”

  • Simon de Haast says:

    Well done Maz, Broccoli rocks, and you can count on my support and vote :)

  • Envir Fraser says:

    A significant intervention in developing a culture of independence and responsibility as opposed to the more common charitable dependence. Well done!

  • ross devenish says:

    Great that was are being explored for people to help themselves.

  • ross devenish says:

    Great that ways are being explored for people to help themselves.

  • sean says:

    good job, keep growing it!! fantastic idea.

  • Frederick Sterzel says:

    Brocolli is a highly nutritious vegetable with properties in it suited to all humans. The aim of the project seems to be like brocolli, nutrition for the mind of the underprivileged and priveliged and suitable for all humanity. like the vegetable, may this project grow and produce its lawful fruit. We support it.

  • Wayne says:

    Amazing idea! Needs all the support we can give. Innovative projects like this will surely help break the cycle of poverty and despair on our exceptional but troubled african continent.

  • Elfriede says:

    Marc and the team at the Broccoli Project dare to care and they DESERVE support from every individual and group that care. My wish is that this venture takes off big time….

  • Damon says:

    Brilliant concept.

  • Herman Fourie says:

    1st world wealth = 3rd world poverty
    $8 trillion siting in tax havens

  • Rob Sussman says:

    Excellent website with true meaning.

  • marc says:

    brilliant idea!

  • Richard Bauer says:

    I think this is great idea. Teaching people to take some sense of responsibility and working together to reach a common goal. Teach people the value of working together and the value of food etc, and to get rid of the “I want…Give it to me…Its my right” attitude!

    My vote goes to The Broccoli Project

  • T B Kourie says:

    Great idea!!!!

  • natalie caudle says:

    well done! great project : )

  • alastair gets says:

    Seems a good idea, if a little patronising - if it takes off I imagine it will in a gig way and then all the better for those participating. Tracking and, I assume, feeding the information back to the participant is the top innovation. Look forward to hearing progress! You got my vote!

  • Lonwabo Ntshotsho says:

    I think the brocolli project is the most innovative idea that have been missing in our country that will make sure that the poverty aleviation programme is in place and prosperous.

  • craig campbell says:

    well done! Great! Go for it!

  • Nigel Adriaanse says:

    Excellent concept. Wish there were more such initiatives.

  • Birkholtz says:

    Wonderful idea.

  • Haroon says:

    Brilliant idea!!!

  • Gary says:

    Sounds like a great project. Wishing it the best of success!

  • M Rood says:

    Interesting concept , as a first phase effort is now rewarded , it now needs to progress where results / output is rewarded !

  • Pietro Marchionni says:

    Super! I wish there would be more like you guys!

  • Jeni Abdul says:

    Broccoli project is one of the most amazing and innovative initiatives that not only support but empower the needy of the Mother City. My vote goes to the Broccoli Project with the sincere hope that investors will see the ground-braking potential this idea has to really change our global village… for the better!

  • Jacques de Vos says:

    Scalable, sustainable and cost effective….I like it - cross-program & border

  • Amy says:

    great stuff!

  • Yvonne CT says:

    A necessary project to encourage people to help themselves

  • GRAD says:

    About half the unemployed have not registered as such so the problem is far worse than acknowledged by Government. This project is to be commended as throwing a beam of light on the problem. Good luck Marc.

  • Leo Murphy says:

    Great idea with lots of legs! Well done Maz!

  • Natalie Schoonraad says:

    Fantastic way to develop self worth in people, and get them to realise the value of their lives as well as the value they can bring to the world around them when they take care of themselves. The Broccoli Project has my vote!

  • Joy Rees says:

    Thisis a fantastic idea - think it has the possibility of working well

  • Peter Martin says:

    This is a very worthwhile cause and credit to the Broccoli Project for an innovative way of giving to Africa without allowing for money to be used in the wrong ways.

    The unpriviledged need support from those that are!

  • Jaco says:

    The sky is the limit with this model! Keep at it!

  • Jane Pocock says:

    What a fantastic way of encouraging people to make a difference in their community by rewarding them with basic human needs. Well done.

  • Jenni Robinson says:

    Wow - really innovative! I like it. Do you have vendors in the Johannesburg Area yet?

  • gideon nieuwoudt says:

    Great idea! Good luck with the presentation and the project in the future.

  • Juliet Pitman says:

    This kind of project is just what we need in South Africa - giving people a hand up to help themselves instead of a hand out that leaves them forever dependent. Go Broccolis!

  • Garth says:

    Great Idea and practically applicable. My vote goes to the Broccoli project

  • Marco says:

    Great innovative idea - helping people to develop and aim for a better future. My vote goes to the Broccoli project….more of the same needed…

  • louise says:

    Great idea!!

  • japie swanepoel says:

    nice one guys. We need to LIFT Africa at all times1

  • Nicolene says:

    what a great idea…

  • Jenn says:

    My vote goes to the Broccoli project - just what SA needs

  • John Kotze says:

    The Broccoli Project resonates wonderfully with South Africa’s marketing by-line of “Alive with Possibility”. It has the potential to make a huge impact from a social perspective - not just in South Africa, but world-wide, and the process of exploring opportunites between this entrepreneurial team and corporate South Africa is an exciting one. We wish broccoli all the best.

  • Zoelfaa says:

    We need more of these ideas in SA. I’m all for it! The best part is that it makes everyone involved feel good to do good deeds.

  • Luke says:

    This looks great! Need to role it out on a large scale….

  • Lebo says:

    The broccoli project is a big step towards changing the lives of South Africans!!I am inspired

  • Lee Lemmon says:

    hope this project really helps

  • Kirsty says:

    Love it! Through unity we will survive.

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