Werner Wolf: the development of bioscience sector

Jun 05 2009

Werner Wolf is Venture Partner and former Senior Science & Technology Advisor to TVM, Bio Innovations 5mg prednisolone without prescription. .


Bio Innovation SA was established in June 2001 to accelerate development of South Australiaa��s bioscience sector.A� Its mission is to enable the creation of 50 new bioscience companies and 2500 jobs by 2010.

The Bio Innovation SA team works with the bioscience community using a synergistic approach to industry development focusing on a range of commercial activities. Also implements many unique initiatives to encourage collaboration within the bioscience community.

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Bio Innovation SA is responsible for implementing South Australia’s bioscience strategy and assists the State Government with policy development.

Bio Innovation SA has a partnership with BioCentiv, one of Europea��s leading biotechnology industry incubators in Jena, Germany. BioCentiv is a services company in the area of commercialisation of biotechnology and life sciences, and operates a technology and start-up centre, the BioInstruments Centre. In addition, BioCentiv, together with the non-profit organisation BioRegio Jena e.V., is the coordinator of the BioInstrument cluster in the Free State of Thuringia.

Werner Wolf is, since 1992, Project evaluation for the European Commission in FP3, FP4, FP5, and FP6, expert to DG12 in Biotechnology, member of the Advisory Group a�?BioFinancea�?, Project evaluation of business plans for funding agencies like INITS/Vienna, BioM/Munich.