iPresent: audience favorite Global Entrepreneurship Competition

May 31 2009

Founded in US and operating in mainland China, iPresent is a pioneer web-collaboration solution provider with integration of all media in the USD 1.1 billion web conference market in China. Having been in the business for 2 years, iPresent has dedicated its effort to develop state of the art technology and platform. The 1st business version was launched in May 2008. Till now, iPresent has generated 25,000 registered users and maintained 100% retention rate.

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Our business focuses on real time web-collaboration for Chinese SMBs. Via highly interactive and secured platform of iPresent, time zone and locations are not constrains any more. Just one click, iPresent will enable you to work with anyone in the world as you are all sitting in front of one desk, no matter where they really are. The efficiency and quality of communication has been improved as holes of words filled by hearing and seeing at the same time, as well as no more unnecessary travels.

By greatly leveraging our existing partnership with Digital China Inc., the largest IT distributor in China, we believe our business model is scalable and sustainable. We will generate revenue in both SaaS (software as a service) model and on-premise (license) model. The key for iPresenta��s future success is to quickly occupy this emerging market and enlarge our client base. how much is a viagra pill.