Cleantech Innovation Showcase & Tournament

Jun 18 2009

“Are water utilities susceptible to innovation? Not many. But they exist. “

Ashdec. Renewable phosphate fertilities
UFBAF. Air Water treatment Attero.
Electronic Waste recycling.
Neosensors. Quality liquid sensors.
Epuramat. Waste water treatment.

Moderator: Helge Daebel

Carlos Campos

  • Power and telecom companies know how their customers use their service. Water industryA�still needs to know how and for what their customers use water.
  • Increasing environmental standards means increasing energy demand.
  • Waste water treatment process smell is a huge problem, specially for those plants placed in urban environments like Barcelona.
  • People is not only sensitive to water quality but also to water quality changes.

Peter Holme

  • Water industry is a mix of different industries with different cultures. The big challenge for us is to mix effectively high technology with low technology.
  • Increase of water price could be a triggerA�to stimulate innovation.

Victor D.Scutaru

  • During the last 7 years: 200 investments. 16 cleantech. 3 Water.
  • desi tashan star plus.

  • Water utilities areA�usually focusedA�in cost and energetic efficiency solutions.
  • Water sector is dominated by public utilities something thatA�makesA�private founding participation difficult.
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  • There areA�opportunities in water sector:A� for example, we don’t know how to measure ground water availability; usually we need to detect and eliminate not regular water contaminants; detect and repair leaks in a non invasive way.
  • Some oportuinites require long access time that VC are not usually willing to assume.

Extract byA�Jordi Sotorra and Daniel MartA�nez