Horizon Discovery: audience favorite Global Entrepreneurship Competition

Jun 02 2009

Horizon Discovery Limited
Providing missing tools that enable a the right cancer drugs to be matched to the right patienta
Horizon Discovery Limited

Historically, pharmaceutical companies have taken a a one-size-fits-alla approach in search of new cancer treatments. If you’d like to double your bitcoins, visit bitcoin sports betting. The resulting therapies have been: marginally effective and poorly tolerated by patients; cost hundreds of millions of dollars to develop and; difficult for healthcare providers to ensure the most effective treatment is prescribed to patients.

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Horizon Discovery (Horizon) is an Anglo / Italian translational medicine company providing R&D tools that enable the development of a new generation of drugs that target the unique genetic profile of an individual patientas cancer.

Horizonas award winning (UK Medical Futures Innovation in Cancer 2008) GENESIS platform has enabled the development of X-MAN ‘Mutant And Normal’ cell-line pairs or patients in a test tubea. These allow the definitive isolation of appropriately ‘targeted’ drug candidates and; the design of shorter (and more rational) clinical trials centred around the patients most likely to respond. Horizon co-founders are leading the emerging cialis prodaja, cialis prodaja, cialis prodaja, cialis prodaja, cialis prodaja, cialis prodaja, cialis prodaja, cialis prodaja. Personalized Medicine paradigm zithromax online uk. for colorectal cancer treatment.

Horizon has adopted a business model that is delivering: (1) 150+ off-the-shelfa cancer cell models; (2) custom drug screening and gene-engineering services and; (3) new equity assets via the formation of joint-venture or collaborative deal structures in the Rx, Dx and bio-production markets.

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Horizon has closed 22 commercial deals since foundation including world-leading pharmaceutical companies like Genentech (5 deals), Novartis (2 deals), OSI Pharma, AstraZeneca and Millennium and has a 20% stake in the Cancer Research UK funded discovery company Senectus Therapeutics. Horizon has become profitable in its 1st year of commercial operation and projects revenues of A?1,800,000 in 2009 with a profit (pre-tax) of A?532,000 and with forward Sales of A?2,500,000.

The innovation demonstrated by the company has been recognized by the receipt of two Medical Futures Innovation Awards for Best Drug Discovery Technology in Cancer and Best Business Proposition of 2008.