The Plan Puyhuan: audience favorite Global Entrepreneurship Competition

Jun 11 2009

The Plan Puyhuan model applies business and entrepreneurial approaches, bringing together public and private investors, to accelerate scalable sustainable solutions, together with great business opportunities in rural areas of developing nations - integrating the triple bottom line of financial, social and environmental value into its DNA like a triple helix of change.


Plan Puyhuan delivers a new model in planning & managing sustainable human development, with intensive use of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs). This model is replicable on a global scale, achieving local sustainability in 5 years, improving the quality of life, whilst delivering significant ROI for investors.

We can no longer afford to neglect the populations in rural areas of developing nations, as their life conditions remains a breeding ground for unrest and threatens (inter)national security.

Impoverished rural communities across the developing world suffer from a lack of local capacity for managing development, and from the failure of governments, international institutions and the private sector to integrate their rural development efforts.A� But by using the know-how and technological means that already exist today, we can generate quantum leaps of change to bridge the current social and digital divide.
GROUP PUYHUAN is an international network of leading experts in Management, Healthcare, Education, Tourism, Technology etc, creating Plan Puyhuan, which:

a�?A�A�A� Places the citizen at the centre of analysis to research, design, and implement one strategic planning model in a chosen rural area, to deliver integrated human sustainable development.

a�?A�A�A� Brings together public, institutional and private sector investment with a unified stakeholder vision of the future for the community.

a�?A�A�A� Uses technological advancements and Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) to create seismic change, through innovations in areas such as; educational and healthcare systems, as well as increasing local productivity.

a�?A�A�A� Rural citizens are empowered to become active participants and valuable human resources in the global economy, acquiring the capacity for planning and managing sustainable development.

a�?A�A�A� The Private Sector achieves walgreens albuterol price. higher ROI across the triple bottom line from social responsibility impact and/or the participation from new business opportunities identified.

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