G-diet: audience favorite Global Entrepreneurship Competition

Jun 03 2009

G-diet is a startup company aimed to develop products and services based on the new knowledge arising from the human genome studies. In particular g-diet is focused on the role of genes in nutrition (nutrigenetics), taste and lifestyle. The business idea stands in defining a�?nutritional and lifestyle profilesa�? propecia canada buy. to better design personalized nutritional and lifestyle plans as well as diets: g-diet sells custom strategies for long-term wellness and healthy lifestyle through services based on leading-edge technologies (DNA analyses, genetic and phenotypic taste examination, computerized lifestyle dissection).


G-dieta��s goal is to make customers discover their own genetic profile, personal taste (by analysis of genes and phenotypes), and nutritional profile, and help them to understand which is the best strategy for well-being.

G-diet process is based on the analyses of some genes involved in different aspects of lifestyle (taste, physical activity, smoking habit, food metabolism, bone structure, etc.), and on the definition of individual needs, goals, and nutritional profile. This enables g-diet to draw up a customized lifestyle program perfectly tailored to individual habits - based on current lifestyle, favorite foods and most liked and suitable sport activity.

Thanks to its internal R&D team and to well established national and international links with leading research groups in the field of genetics of taste and food preferences, nutrigenetics, population studies, g-diet products and services are continuously updated to provide customers with a unique, highly scientific and professional service.

Good decisions are taken by having the right information. Today g-diet gives you the real information you need for a focused, comprehensive approach to healthy lifestyle, anti-aging and weight management, for a long-term wellness. prometerium without prescriptions.