How to get into an innovation-mindset

Abr 16 2010

Thinking outside the box is not thinking out side the box (image from

Thinking outside the box is not thinking out side the box (image from

Albert Szent Gyorgi, who is credited with discovering Vitamin C, stated: “Discovery is seeing what everybody else has seen, and thinking what nobody else has thought.” Easy said. Innovative thinkers are supposed to challenge dominant ideas to conceive new possibilities. In other words, to think outside the box. But how? What do we need to get into an innovation-mindset?dong fang qi mo

Jim Carroll has some interesting ideas about it. He proposes, for example, to hire people you don’t like, because “the reason you dona��t like them is because they are different, and that is probably the exact reason why their ideas are important”. He also underlines that knowledge is momentary. ThatA� means you have to be able to forget and relearn, quickly. He eventually recommends to focus firmly on the future and make things happen, which by the way means taking risks. “We’ve become too focused on managing instead of growing”, underlines the expert.

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