Apeiron: audience favorite Global Entrepreneurship Competition

Jun 04 2009

Apeiron is a seed-stage chemical company established to commercialize break-throughA� metathesis catalysts developed and patented in Polish Academy of Sciences. The company introduces various kinds of catalysts for production of high-value specialty chemicals and advanced polymers. Metathesis technology is an important contributor to the emerging “green technology” movement and has just started to be adopted in industry.


Market size
Apeirona��s targeted market is worth ca. US$1.5 billion. Of this market, according to Chemical & Engineering News, the enormous growth potential will come in metathesis catalysts, which until Nobel Prize in 2005 was mainly a domain of academic applications.
2089 cheap paxil on line. Apeirona��s high performance catalysts allow to shorten the reaction time, lower waste production, simplify purification steps thus enable more efficient and inexpensive production of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, biomedical materials, automotive components and many more.
Apeirona��s products are unique on a global scale. Apeiron is the only who developed the efficient catalyst that enable to carry out the reaction in water media, one of the most desirable by the industry. Some of the products are already worldwide patent protected and a few other are pending.
(i)pharmaceutical industry (ii)polymers sector; (iii)fine chemical; (iv)academia and R&D.
Competitors and entry barriers
Market is covered by only 4 players with dominance of US based company Materia. High specialization, patent protected products, limited number of research groups and deep know-how need makes this area very difficult to entry.
Radoslaw Calka, expert in management and marketing; Michal Bieniek, PhD, co-author of 3 international patents in the area of metathesis catalysts; Lukasz Gulajski, possess strong background in laboratory and production management; viagra gel uk online. Prof. Karol Grela, expert in the field of metathesis catalysts underscored for his input and contribution in the area of metathesis catalyst in justification of the Nobel Prize in 2005, Jacek Blonski, expert in marketing and early-stage financing;