Keynote - Taking healthcare research from the bench to the bedside, by IrA�ne Norstedt

Jun 18 2009

“Europe did not look attractive for Pharmaceutical research”


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  • IMI: Public private partnership between European Union and Elpia.
  • 27 countries and 27 brands behind this partnership.
  • R&D expenses are raising but the results are doing at a much smaller rate.
  • IMI Aims:
    1. Modernize drug development
    2. Support ‘pre-competitive pharmaceutical research and development’
    3. Foster collaboration
    4. Not developing any new medicines!
  • IMI Focus: Safety, Efficacy
  • Efficacy and Safety are often disease specific
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  • How is IMI operating?

    1. Supports collaborative research projects
    2. Project funding via combined contributions
    3. Average project size: 30M euro
    4. Average partnership: 10-15 pharmaceutical companies and 10-15 academic, SMC.
  • Pharmaceutical companies not used to work with each other.
  • Key Challenges:
    1. Change of behaviors: competitors vs partners
    2. Honesty: long term team consensus vs short term individual advantage
    3. Fairness
    4. Courage
    5. Reliability
  • If you want to make a change
    1. Have the right idea at the right time
    2. Do your homework
    3. Limit your objectives
    4. Engage all stakeholders
    5. Working together is challenging but rewarding
    6. Be persistent and patient

Extract by Guillem Mateos