Master of 500 hats

May 17 2010

Dave McClure (source:

Dave McClure (source:

He is known as the man with 500 hats. He has been been geeking out in Silicon Valley for over twenty years as a software developer, entrepreneur, startup advisor, angel investor, blogger, and internet marketing nerd. He currently works for Founders Fund and coordinates a seed-stage investment program (FF Angel LLC), as well as a micro-seed incubator program for Facebook-related startups. Dave McClure is an investor in over 30 startup companies including Mint (acquired by Intuit), SlideShare, Twilio, Credit Karma, UserVoice,, CrowdFlower, KissMetrics, TeachStreet, RichRelevance, Mashery, and Simply Hired, among many others.

In a Techcrunch interview published in November 2009, he stated that “there are opportunities for people to do more early stage investing in Europe”. He added that “more is probably to be done at the seed stage and maybe even incubator level in Europe”. But how? What are the things to be improved about startups in Europe? What are the most exciting trends?

He will surely respond to these and other questions at HitBarcelona with other successful entrepreneurs like Dennis Crowley (Foursquare), Gurbaksh Chahal ( alprazolam online canadian farmacies., Marcos Cuevas ( and Verne Harnish (Gazelles).

Meanwhile, you can check his presentation Startup Metrics for Pirates, where he underlines the startup challenges and give some hints to make decisions based on measured user behavior:

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