Intuitive Automata: audience favorite Global Entrepeneurship Competition

May 27 2009

prednisone 5mg dose pack. Intuitive Automata , Hong Kong, China, is pioneering the commercial application of affordable socially interactive robots for the rapidly growing home health industry. We build on years of research in human-robot interaction that shows the effectiveness of robots in sustaining engagement over time. As obesity and chronic illness reach epidemic proportions around the world, our products are positioned as innovative, engaging, and intuitive technology that provide much-needed support for overcoming and managing these conditions.bouncy inflatables


An early robot prototype used in our successful trials

We created Automai???, the first robotic weight loss coach, to help millions of people worldwide.Ai?? She gives constant support and motivation based on models of relationships that top doctors and coaches employ when helping people.Ai?? Two-thirds of the adult population in the US is overweight or obese, with other developed nations close behind.Ai?? Ninety-five percent of people who try to diet fail to keep off weight, which leads to serious health care problems and a shortened life span.Ai?? Automai??? greatly increases a dieter’s chance of success by providing continuous, engaging support.Ai?? In an initial trial, Automai??? was shown to be significantly more effective than traditional weight loss programs.

Automai??? will be sold with a subscription service reputable online pharmacy, reputable online pharmacy, reputable online pharmacy, reputable online pharmacy, reputable online pharmacy, reputable online pharmacy, reputable online pharmacy, reputable online pharmacy. that provides frequent updates of her information and allows customers to share data with health care providers or friends.Ai?? We expect rapid growth in sales based on the early trial, large target market, and willingness of dieters to try new products to achieve weight loss. Our core technology will be applied to other long-term applications including chronic disease management, rehabilitation treatment, and supporting elderly care.

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Our interdisciplinary team includes a CEO with extensive robotics and health care technology experience, a CTO with a strong management and software architecture background, and a CDO with a keen understanding of the user and success in bringing products to market.