There are 76 days left for the World Innovation Summit!

Mar 31 2010

Why host the World Innovation Summit? The City Council of Barcelona, Catalan Government, the spanish Ministery of Innovation, Fira Barcelona and 22@Barcelona are fully committed to an open ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship in technology. We believe it is a true means to build capacity, intellectual capital and sustainable economic strength in the city, that impacts the entire globe.

When a company innovates, builds some research and spins out a company, when an entrepreneur embraces a new idea and builds a company, when cialis generique 20mg. a university lab builds a project to contribute to some worldwide research, we are contributing to a greater good, a greater economy and in the immediate term creating new opportunities.

Innovation requires intellect and creativity to begin and a set of resources and an ecosystem to launch and grow. The World Innovation Summit is a place where you will meet and hear real stories and advice from innovators from corporations, startups and academia. It will inspire you to embrace innovation in your company or with your entrepreneurial idea.

10,000 people will come through the entrance of bizBarcelona during the Entrepreneurship Week and we are excited to pre-announce some confirmed speakers for the World Innovation Summit: HiT Barcelona.

These speakers are true innovators in their industry and they are joining us from one of the top cities known for innovation, Silicon Valley. Please join us in welcoming our first set of international speakers to HIT Barcelona:

Dennis Crowely, Founder, Foursquare buy ampicillin online.

Aaron Patzer, Founder, (sold to for $170 Million)

Gurbaksh Chahal, Founder,
Previous: Blue (sold to Yahoo! for $300 Million)

Anu Nigam, Founder,
Previous: Founder,

Hans De Boer, Head of Global Business Development, Better Place

Mika Salmi, Founder, Atom Entertainment (Sold to Viacom for $200 million)