Tricardics: audience favorite Global Entrepreneurship Competition

Jun 08 2009

Human health problems take the first place in the modern society. Lately, the problem of heart valve prostheses and implantation becomes more and more critical. Play top free slots online and forget about poverty.

The existing types of heart valves can not be considered good enough as for they cannot provide safety and comfort of the patients: biological heart valves do not require intake of special drugs, but there is need of reimplantation in 7-10 years; mechanical heart valves have high durability, but require intake of anticoagulant drugsInflatable Water Game. According to the opinion of the leading experts in the artificial heart valves sphere, none of the existing heart valve types is suitable for majority of patients. Therefore, there is a huge need in the heart valves of new generation.
Starting 2001 RosCardioInvest company has been developing a new model of artificial heart valve a tri-leaflet valve TriCardics, that does not have any analogues on the world market.

The basic advantages which is offered by a new product design to patients:
New valves provide central blood flow, which reduces the level of turbulence.

Improved quality of patient life: reduce consumption of anticoagulants, low noise, low blood haemolysis and high generic dapoxetine uk. reliability.

Valves combine advantages of both valves types, which presently existing: mechanical valves reliability and the low improved characteristics, characteristic for biological valves. Thanks to it, valves can take a place in the 1.2 bln USD world heart valve market.
RosCardioInvest was the first company in the world which successfully completed human clinical trials of the tri-leaflet heart valve in 2008. 38 implantations were made by the start of 2009. Tri-leaflet heart valve TriCardics first in the world was approved for patients in Russia in March 2009.
Tri-leaflet heart valve is protected by 6 Russian patents, 2 European patents, 1 US patent and several international patent applications. how can i get cialis on prescription.