Guides to Successful Innovation

May 23 2010

Successful Innovation

Successful Innovation

Type “How to turn a good idea into successful innovation” in Google and you’ll get 1.750.000 results. Some websites seem to have come across the can prednisone 40 mg delayed period. magical formula: “work, strengths, and impact“. Others point out that “successful strategic innovations need more than a great idea”. In other words, that “ideas by themselves are worthless”.

A few ones are more precise: “market orientation has to be directed towards clear product definition early in the innovation process”, and “success is driven by market-orientated teams who share their knowledge of current and future customer needs across all departments”. Eventually, the UK Department for Business Innovation and Skills presents a “60 minutes Guide to Innovation” (PDF) to turn ideas into profit. In Catalonia, ACC1A�, the agency for competitiveness, puts some guides to innovation online, as well. On the other hand, the Cambra de ComerA� de Barcelona explains how to innovate in 10 steps.

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