Create to Grow: the key to power success, by M. Eisner

Jun 18 2009

“To punish failure is to encourage mediocrity”

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  • Micromanagement is the best path to effective management because it effectively links the person in the top to every person in the process.
  • Creativity can deal with apparently unsolvable financial problems.
  • If you care about every point (of the picture) taking attention on the hole picture, you get great results.
  • Micromanagement is about keeping your eyes open.
  • Micromanagement also requires failure.
  • Once human filters are in place the possibilities will be endless.



  • Internet has taken budget necessary for projects to extremely lower level, leaving creativity as the only meaningful variable.
  • Each media has its strength and weaknesses.
  • What matters is the quality of the content.
  • Whatever your business stands for, the best way to archive the best long term results is to look inside your box.

Extract by Josep Oriol Ayats and Guillem Mateos.