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Abr 29 2010

Logo of the Open Graph Protocol (image from opengraphprotocol.org)

Logo of the Open Graph Protocol (image from opengraphprotocol.org)

In an interview done by Robert Scoble, David Kirkpatrick, who worked for Fortune for more than 20 years and just finished the book The Facebook Effect, states it clearly: a�?This is not just another company, it is a transformational phenomenon.a�?

Facebook has become a reference site on the Net. Some say it will be the Social Google. And given that the search engine has not done very well in the social sphere (see Buzz), Mark Zucherberga��s company seems to have the road to his objectives paved in gold.
In 2008, the CEO of the social network, which currently has more than 400 million users worldwide, predicted that there would be a wave of social Web sites built on top of the information users give to social networks. He also said that social networks were going to start to decentralize into a series of social applications across the Web. Even more, that this fact was a�?the beginning of an industrya�?.

Two years later, at their third annual F8 conference held in San Francisco a few days ago, Zucherberg presented the social plug-in which is meant to turn any web page into a Facebook page. dilantin on line.

Check the tech-blogs. Many marvel at the high level of personalization that viagrawith paypal. Open Graph enables, while others fear the potential privacy issues. In essence, the Open Graph concept means that you can go to your favourite shopping site and check, without having to log in to Facebook, that some of your friends a�?likea�? the product you are seeing. You can then click the a�?I Likea�? button included on the site and the information will automatically be added to your profile. No need to say what it means for advertisers and ad targeting. As Nick Oa��Neill writes, Facebook will have the best data on the web for advertisers to study. Bad news for Google.buy inflatable slip slide

How will users react to these new features? Leta��s remember the controversy created by Beacon in 2007. Is the Open Graph concept different? What has changed? What do these features mean to your business? Is this the future of Social Networks? These are some of the topics that may be discussed at HitBarcelona. Do you want to join the debate?

From ideas to execution: The rules for strategic innovators, by V. Govindarajan

Jun 18 2009

Future is now. Future is not about what you do in the future.


  • Strategy is about next practices.
  • For you to be a leader in 2030 your opportunity gap is a lot bigger than your performance gap.
  • We need different methods and capabilities to succeed in the future.
  • Don’t think about best practice think about next practices.

Three box model

  • Box 1: manage the present
  • Box 2: Selectively forget the past
  • Box 3: Create the future

Emerging markets

  • Customers of the future will be fundamentaly different, and will demand fundamentally different companies.
  • An emerging market will transform the corporation trying to adapt to it.
  • Grow up in emerging markets cannot be caught up with box 1 approach.
  • Emerging markets represents a huge discontinuity.

Three reasons why companies find it so hard to use next practices

  • Physical inertia.
  • Psychological inertia.
  • Strategical inertia.

Company dedication to projects

  • How many projects will be in horizon 1?
    Core business. It should be 60%-70% of the efforts.
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  • How many projects will be in horizon 2?
    Adjacent space. It should be 20%-30% of the efforts.
  • How many projects will be in horizon 3?
    Entirely new business model. It should be 5%-10% of the efforts.

Strategy Architecture

  • Non-linear shift
  • Strategic intent
  • Current core competencies
  • Growth Playbook
  • New core competences

Other highlights

  • Because of the though economical conditions, projects are being more conservative today.
  • Simple message: future is now. future is not about what you do in the future.
  • Today I have to do two things: make the business work and invest in the future.
  • The opportunity gap is enormous in the near future.

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Extract by Josep Oriol Ayats and Guillem Mateos.