Pixable: audience favorite Global Entrepreneurship Competition

Jun 05 2009

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Pixable, an MIT startup, offers a fast, easy and creative way to turn your Facebook content into printed memorabilia such as photo books, calendars, or posters, which are printed, packaged and home delivered, all at an affordable price. What about a photo book as a present for your boyfriend with all the pictures where both of you are tagged, including captions or comments left by friends? What about a calendar with the profile picture and name of all your Facebook friends printed on the day of their birthday?

We started Pixable because we know hundreds of people who want to print photo books using content on Facebook but currently have no efficient way to do so. Until Pixable, they had the following problems:GAi??ant Water Slide

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ai???Ai??Ai??Ai?? Speed: If you wanted to print your (or your friends) Facebook photos today it would take a long time! Just downloading Facebook photos individually, visiting a photo-printing site, then uploading, organizing, adding titles, and printing them can take five hours! And that assumes that you know where the photos you want are. Currently, there is no easy way to collect all the photos in which you or someone else is tagged.
ai???Ai??Ai??Ai?? Missing content: If you used the method above, you miss out on much of the content on Facebook that can complement the printed photos : tags, captions, quotes, messages on your wall, status updates, and comments left by friends.
ai???Ai??Ai??Ai?? Redundancy: Isnai??i??t it frustrating to know that all the photos and information that you wanted to select were already organized on FB? Photos on Facebook are already organized in many different ways - by person, by event/trip, by album name, by tagging information. Why should you have to replicate the process?