CEO’s Panel Discussion

Jun 18 2009

“How do you get companies to innovate?”

Moderator: Jennifer Schenker

Michael Eisner

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  • You have to constantly challenge the people that work with you.
  • There is a change going on in home video.
  • Music industry is going through a metamorphosis which is still not figured out.
  • Bigger is better (business).
  • If you are bigger and you are innovator, you have the financial resources to do things and do them fast.
  • Basically people want to please the boss.
  • Its essential how the CEO chooses the head of departments.
  • Inertia overrides innovation in successful organizations.
  • Put people in a room till they are so annoyed and so tired and so upset until they have a new idea. Keep going on till you are upset.
  • There are thousands of good ideas, the problem is recognizing them.
  • There are a thousand reasons why a good idea dies.
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  • If you want to innovate the last thing to do is research.
  • If you are not prepared to lose, you are not going to take the right hand of risk.

Eric Weber

Extract by Josep Oriol Ayats and Guillem Mateos.