Cleantech Innovation Showcase & Tournament

Jun 18 2009

Electric cars and solar cells : innovation race


  • Nowadays trendsA�in clean tech depelopmentA�in Honda are:
    - Super-clean diesel
    - Flex fuel vehicle
    - Natural gas vehicle
    - Bio-ethanol
    - Genomic research
    - Solar cells


  • Emovement focus the tech advances in:
    - Battery technology
    - Fast battery charging
    - Data collection and analysis mechanism
    - Intelligent energy management system


  • Sixtron provides solar cells solutions by innovation in materials focused on:
    - Safety
    - Cost
    - Process
    - Efficiency


  • SkyCab offers a new way of travelling and the goals in his innovation process are:
    - Attraction
    - Whole society accessibility
    - Safe and secure
    - Energy efficient and environmentally friendly
    - Cost effective

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    Beepo provides electrical vehicles for commercial purposes with a:
    - High reliability and low cost products
    - Low cost manufacturing
    - National reach, branding and after sale

Extract by Jordi Sotorra