Hatec: audience favorite Global Entrepreneurship Competition

Jun 08 2009

In June 2008 HATEC SA was founded, in Thessaloniki as a startup company in Technopolis IncubatorA� in 9I? klm PO box 60756, Pylaia 570 01, Thessaloniki, Greece. The partners are HUMAN ASSET SA, Technopolis Business Park and Dimitris Tolis, the CEO.

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HATECa��s foundation is the customers need for effective e-learning integrated solution. E-learning with the form of web based training is not considered a successful training method. Interactivity is missing. E-learning (asynchronous and synchronous) is being more and more popular. The Interactive Content (Reusable Learning Objects) based on International Standards (SCORM) is effective and acceptable to many learners worldwide. The problem is that many organisations and educational institutes deal with each on of the previous methods and means, as if they were isolated. This situation depreciates the added value of the new trends in learning and vocational training.
HATEC offers cost of zyvox pills. integrated software solutions for e-learning in institutions and companies. We provide software platforms for asynchronous (Learning Management Systems) and synchronous e-learning.

E-learning content: We create custom Training Material, multimedia and interactive, (SCORM, IMS) for companya��s e-learning Training Programs based on the companya��s needs. Also we offer consulting services to the HR and Training Department of companies: e-Learning Training Strategy consultancy, Instructional Design. Finally we provide Expert Training on e-Learning methodology, techniques and media. (Train the Trainer & the e-learning Trainer, Train the e-learning Organizer, Train the Instructional Designer)
The main target group for us are mainly Public Organisations, Ministries and Training Institutions, Private companies (over 100 employees) and Franchise Networks.
Our sales strategy has 3 axes. To participate in calls for tenders for Public Institutions, to work as consultants and integrators for Public Institutions and to have sales to the free market for the private sector.