Echopixel: audience favorite Global Entrepreneurship Competition

Jun 05 2009

Echopixel is a medical imaging company that has positioned itself to become a leading player in a market that will double in size within the next 10 yearsa��Colorectal Cancer (CRC) screening.


Every year, there are 14 million optical colonoscopies (OC) performed in the U.S. at an average cost of US$2,000_US$28 billion. CRC is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the western world. It affects men and women 50 years and older and, when detected early, is curable in 90% of the cases Indoor Inflatable Bouncer .

Despite this, every year there are still 138,000 deaths in Europe and 150,000 new cases and 60,000 deaths in zestoretic 17.5 mg. the U.S. from CRC.

The prefered early detection procedure for CRC is ‘optical colonoscopy‘ (OC), in which a camera is introduced rectally through the patienta��s abdomen to detect polyps and flat lesions, the malformations that become cancer. Because of the nature of the procedure, more than 70% of people at risk do not undergo screening for CRC. Recent studies have shown that OC can miss more than 22% of polyps and at least 35% of flat lesions, which are twice as likely to be cancerous.

Echopixel is introducing Gastro Therapy Planning (GTP), a non-invasive CRC screening solution that enables doctors to use computed tomography (CT) images of a patienta��s abdomen to display a 3D model of the colon and, by using a navigate-anddetect approach, to visually locate polyps and flat lesions. Our patented software/hardware solution incorporates stereoscopic 3D visualization software that adds a new visual cue_diagnostic depth perception_that significantly enhances the identification of polyps and flat lesions, becoming a significant complimentary procedure to OC.Jumping Castle

Echopixel has attracted a world class team of Silicon Valley veterans and radiology industry leaders who are positioning our company for success with OEM partners such as Philips Medical and Olympus.c��e�??��??? what is a reputable pharmacy.