Chira Tecnics: audience favorite Global Entrepreneurship Competition

May 29 2009

Chiral drugs are essential in treating several important diseases, like cancer, heart and many others. Global sales of chiral drugs are approaching a��126b, represent around 40% of all drugs on the market, and occupy 80% of the pipeline.


The trend in the pharmaceutical industry is to reduce costs by outsourcing solutions to specialist firms. ChiraTecnics, Portugal, is a unique specialist company that provides cutting edge solutions in the area of chiral technology for the pharmaceutical industry. This will be achieved through low cost, highly innovative state-of-the-art chemical processes that give ChiraTecnics the edge over competitors.

ChiraTecnicsa�� main client base will be in Europe, USA and Japan. ChiraTecnics will gain a significant share of these markets due to its distinctive competitive advantage that is essentially the possession of unique, highly efficient, robust and adaptable proprietary synthetic methods producing cost savings of 20-40% over existing competitor methods and significant economy buy xenical canada. of scales. Coupling this with the diverse portfolio of innovative products offered by ChiraTecnics creates a unique opportunity for a specialist company to serve the pharmaceutical industry.

ChiraTecnics has an extensive IP portfolio and proof-of-concept has been demonstrated.
ChiraTecnics is headed by Prof. Anthony Burke. He has extensive experience of chiral technologies and is supported by a dynamic group of people with the correct profiles for the business and technical side of the start-up. The team is supported by an advisory board with vast experience in key business areas.

IP rights are guaranteed and ChiraTecnics has exclusive rights to all technologies.
ChiraTecnics is raising a��150K in capital essentially to produce its chiral technology platforms and put them on the market. ChiraTecnics will reach break-even in the second year and will achieve a sales volume of about a��6m during the first 5 years of activity. ChiraTecnics has garnered a number of distinctions in Portugal. cialis online india.