Cordatec: audience favorite Global Entrepreneurship Competition

Jun 05 2009

salep ketoconazole. Cordatec is a company that develops, manufactures and commercialises innovative ideas and technologies for cardiology, cardiac surgery, anaesthesiology and intensive care.

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Company Overview
For our first product, the A-View catheter, we managed to obtain CE label and FDA approval.
As we thrive on IP rights, we already have one product fully internationally patented and patents pending for 2 follow-up products.

Product or Service
Cordatec NV has one commercial product on the market, the A-view balloon catheter.A� The A-View catheter makes it possible to see the degree of atherosclerosis in the ascending aorta prior to sternotomy.A� This way, the surgeon has the possibility to change the operation strategy and thus drastically reduce the possibility for postoperative neurological complications, caused by emboli merging from 3% to 1%. For the Netherlands this accounts for an annual reduction of 450 to 150 patients or a structural cost saving of 6 million Euros per year.Bouncy Castle Princesse Maxi Multifun

Within the medical industry, Cordatec NV focuses on the niches of cardiology, cardiac surgery, anaesthesiology and intensive care products.A� Management believes that Cordateca��s products will facilitate the treatment of heart diseases which include arrhythmias and heart failure, as well as vascular diseases which include coronary and peripheral artery disease, and aortic aneurysm.A� Heart disease afflicts nearly 22 million people worldwide each year, of which about 5% receive therapy annually.

Team and Shareholders
Cordatec NV is a development stage company which effectively started in 2003.A� We have already attracted international private investors.

Business Proposition
As an international-oriented company Cordatec NV wishes to seek international capital. Funds will be used to invest in sales and marketing, especially in order to expand European sales, as well as to enter into the US market