“GEC is a great way to meet the cash-flow challenges of a start-up business”

May 12 2010

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HitBarcelona selects the world's best start-ups

HitBarcelona selects the world's best start-ups

Experts says good business models have three key elements that must be logically consistent with each other. These are: customer value proposition, profit formula, and key resources and processes. Bmat meet them all.

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That’s the reason why the company, which is committed to developing new software products dedicated to peopleai??i??s interaction to music, won the 2009 Global Entrepreneurship Competition (GEC), that offers candidates the chance to obtain financing for their projects and the opportunity to showcase their projects for investors present at HiTBarcelona

Pedro Cano, founder and CTO of Bmat, born as a commercial spin-off of the Music Technology Group, the world’s largest research lab in music and audio, underlines that the GEC was a great experience that help the company to meet its cash flow challenges and get some international buzz. Cano is convinced that the music business is reinventing itself and that this new scenario offers new opportunities to Bmat.

This year, the 22 GEC finalists buy seasonale online no prescription. come from such diverse industries as biotechnology, telecommunications, clean and renewable energies, digital animation, industrial design and finance. They have been selected by an international panel of experts chaired and directed by Jerome S. Engel, Executive Director of the Lester Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of California (Berkeley), and they will compete for the awards during the conference. The winner of GEC 2010 will be awarded ai??i??20,000 in project financing. The second and third prize winners will receive ai??i??10,000 and ai??i??5,000 respectively.

The 100 Start-ups with best growth potential

May 26 2009

100 best business plans from the most innovative companies in the world have been selected to compete in the Global Entrepreneurship Competition, the pioneering initiative bringing together entrepreneurs and investors from around the world at the World Innovation Congress HiT Barcelona.?i??i??ci??i??e??ei???

The World Nominating Committee, formed by 26 institutions worldwide, selected an initial list of these early-stages / business plans and with further analysis nominated the 24 finalists who, along with the three winners of the Spanish tournaments Premio Emprendedor XXI organised by la Caixa and the winner of the Catalan FA?rum dai??i??InversiA? by ACC1O will compete in the finals of the Global Entrepreneurship Competition.



FondaAi??ao Gatello Vargas


Politehnica of Bucharest

Bulgaria / Greece

Intel Corp. / University St Kliment Ohridsk of Sofia

Bulgaria / Poland

CEIBS China Europe International Business School


Tsinghua University


Hong Kong Science & Technology Park

China/Hong Kong

TEHNOPOL Tallinn Technology Park


INSEAD Business School


Technical University of Munich


NSTEDB, National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board


AREA Science Park Trieste


University of Tokyo


EGADE del TecnolA?gico de Monterrey


Zernike Institute Advanced Materials, U of Groningen



ESAN Lima-PerA?


AUDAX/ISCTE Lisbon University Institute


State University of Management Moscow


National University of Singapore


Economic and Social Development and Tourism Gov.

South Africa



Emprededor XXI La Caixa


Thammasat Business School


Manchester Science Park


Cambridge University Business School

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University of Berkeley


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The finals of this international competition will be on the 18th of June at HiT Barcelona!

HiT Barcelona 2009: World meeting where innovation and investment meet

May 20 2009

HiT Barcelona will host the finals of the Global Entrepreneurship Competition, a pioneering initiative to promote great business ideas that will bring together entrepreneurs and investors from around the world.

From the 17th to 19th June, the 28 best business plans developed by the most innovative companies in the world will compete for the necessary investment to develop and drive forward their businesses.Ai?? The 28 finalists will include the three Spanish winners of the La Caixa Emprendedor XX1 competition and the winner of the XV Forum dai??i??InversiA? organized by ACC1Ai??.

A unique opportunity

The nominated business plans represent 24 countries and cover a wide variety of sectors including biotechnology, telecommunications, software, chemical, education, industrial design or finance.Ai?? The products and services that these companies are developing are extremely varied from institutional e-learning platforms, artificial skin for the treatment of burns or a laser or the treatment of cancer to a programme for managing solid urban waste via web-GPRS, an astronomy market that identifies celestial objects or a web to promote citizen journalism.

The World Nominating Committee lead by Professor Jerome S. Engel, Executive Director of the Lester Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of California, Berkeley, includes representatives from 26 of the most prestigious ai???Entrepreneurship Centres’ (Business schools, incubators, technology parks and universities), such as MIT and Berkeley (who are collaborating together for the first time in history), Cambridge University Business School and INSEAD.
According to Jerry Engel:

this competition is a unique opportunity to bring together in Barcelona, the most innovative and strategic early stage companies from around the world.Ai?? We hope that the competition will assist these companies achieve success can i buy phenergan over the counter uk. and become examples of innovation and business leadership for entrepreneurial companies in their countries, and that their success will serve as an inspiration for other organization to focus on obtaining the same or even greater levels of success.

A valuable selection

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The 28 finalists of this International competition will have the opportunity to present their business projects to the investment community attending HiT Barcelona: private investors, business angels venture capital companies, private and public fund managers, family offices, business banks, etc.

They will be responsible for selecting the winners via an original voting system that will use HiT bank notes that all participating investors will receive at the meeting.

The participating projects will compete for:
Ai??Ai??Ai?? Ai??A ai??i?? 90,000 award divided into:
ai???Ai??Ai?? Ai??1st Prize of ai??i?? 50,000
ai???Ai??Ai?? Ai??2nd Prize of ai??i?? 20,000
ai???Ai??Ai?? Ai??3rd Prize of ai??i?? 10,000
ai???Ai??Ai?? Ai??Best Presentation Award of ai??i?? 5,000
ai???Ai??Ai?? Ai??Social Value Award of ai??i?? 5,000
Ai??Ai??Ai?? Ai??Opportunity to participate in entrepreneurial development programs organised by Barcelona Activa and 22@ Barcelona.

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In addition, all finalists will be offered ai???HiT Barcelonaai??? office space in the technological district of 22 @ Barcelona to set up the European headquarters for their company.

HiT Barcelona is an initiative of the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, the Autonomous Government of Catalonia, the Barcelona City Council (via their Finance, Economy and Innovation Departments), the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and La Caixa.Ai?? It is organised by the Fira de Barcelona and the Barcelona PlAi?? Estrategic. The first edition of the event is expected to bring to Barcelona over 2,500 business leaders from the 17th to the 19th of June 2009.