Panel Discussion: The New Embedded Mobile Economy

Jun 18 2009

“Future needs to be shaped, not predicted”

Mike Richter, from IconMobile

  • Invention based on integration of three perspectives: it has to be viable, you need technology, and your invention must be something new.
  • What do average people need?: They need to know where the car is, if there is gas, what music will you hear.
  • The mobile deviceA� notifies you of all of this.
  • M2M User Experience.
  • Domains: health, in house, in car.
  • This is a new era: technology is an enabler, not a driver.

Anuraj Gambhir, Head of innovation & Strategy of Ericsson India

3G is here and now

  • Worldwide 3g has enabled a wide portfolio of services to be offered using the internet.
  • The telecom industry is redefining itself: globalization markets, social networks, etc.
  • Trends: power of internet, power of consumer, power of technology,power of devices.
  • Enjoying digital life: working, learning, leisure, entertainment.
  • What are end-users looking for? Flexibility.
  • Seamless connectivity amongst mobiles devices, gadgets, home appliances..

Technology meets enjoyment

  • Connected/smart home: different parts of your house fully connected and enabled.
  • The connected car: gps, motor, microphone, ads, head display.. outside the car: traffic telematics.
  • Rising adoption of newer task-driven wireless-enabled devices.

Media evolution

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  • Media 1.0 learn involvement.
  • Media 2.0 move involvement.
  • Media 3.0 true interaction.


  • 3 billion new users, more connected devices, more service poviders, more content and applications, more interactivity.
  • Ericcson’s CEO says 50 billion connected devices by 2020.

“True innovation is when what yo think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.” M.Gandhi

Extract by Josep Oriol Ayats