Surface Active Solutions ltd: audience favorite Global Entrepreneurship Competition

May 28 2009

surface active solutions (Grangemouth, Scotland) founded by Mark Zwinderman & John Harrison develops and supplies ground breaking Microemulsion technology for the oil industry orlistat without perscription uk. noprescriptionortotricyclen. These specialised chemical systems have introduced liquid nanotechnology into the oil exploration & production process.


The oil industry creates in its day-to-day activities significant volumes of oil contaminated hazardous waste. An entire multibillion dollar waste management industry has grown around this issue involving complex logistics and environmentally sensitive disposal routes. Waste management is a crucial part of the exploration process. The stacking up of waste on rigs delays the drilling process and can be up to 65% of the total cost of drilling a well ($50M).

By employing SAS technology companies can reduce rig time, re-use oil and safely dispose clean water and clean solids back to sea. SAS products are used throughout the process of oil exploration from the drilling of the well to the recovery of oil from refinery waste thus reducing the costs, minimizing environmental impacts and decreasing operational risks. This allows oil companies to comply and exceed increasingly stringent environmental regulations across the world.
SAS chemicals systems and engineering solutions have been used globally in the field and resulted in rig time reductions of 50 90% and reductions in drilling waste produced from 70 98%.

As a result, for the first time in history, SAS Microemulsion technology enables the oil industry to prevent and/or eliminate generation of oil contaminated waste onsite at the well negating the need for
complex transportation logistics.

The SAS product range consists of proprietary chemistry products in conjunction with engineering systems capable of delivering tailor made solutions to our clients. This is protected by a wholly owned patent portfolio consisting of four granted patents and nine patents pending. The company has been profitable for the past two years.

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