Seracell, Germany: audience favorite Global Entrepeneurship Competition

May 26 2009

24 of the most innovative start-ups in the world will meet at HiT Barcelona on 17-19th june.

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Seracell, the first company to truly give the opportunity to preserve umbilical cord

Every day 2,000 babies are born in Germany. Nature has blessed them with a biological gift contained in their umbilical cord blood: After the cord has been cut, the blood remaining in it is still rich in the stem cells which their bodies are made of. These cells may be harvested without risk and conserved at a170AC in their virginal condition for the stem cell therapies of the future. These therapies may cure or help to cure many grave diseases, such as auto-immune diseases (e.g. diabetes or multiples sclerosis). They may also be used to repair damaged tissues such as the skin or brain or even build up functional tissues such as heart valves Australia.

Seracell is the first company worldwide to truly give all expectant parents the opportunity to preserve their children this natural gift, offering the service at just Euro 180 one-time and Euro 6 per month (decreasing even further over time) arcoxia, arcoxia, arcoxia, arcoxia, arcoxia, arcoxia, arcoxia, arcoxia. . Seracell also scraped complicated paper forms and replaced them by prescription online diflucan, prescription online diflucan, prescription online diflucan, prescription online diflucan, prescription online diflucan, prescription online diflucan. an simple order process on the internet. Expectant parents are becoming increasingly aware of this one-time opportunity and the German market has grown strongly in the first quarter of 2009.

Stem cell experts & entrepeneurs in internet business

Seracell is headquartered in Rostock (Germany) and was founded in 2002 by stem cell experts from the oldest university in Northern Europe. Operating four clean rooms certified under EU-GMP regulations, it complies with the German Medicinal Products Act and the Tissues and Cells Act dong fang qi mo cytotec 200 mcg used. .

Originally stem cells were produced solely for use in clinical therapy to treat cancer of the blood and bone marrow. In 2007, experienced entrepreneurs in the internet business joined the management team and together with the medical experts carefully designed this new service offering to expectant parents.

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