ProfExpress: audience favorite Global Entrepreneurship Competition

Jun 03 2009

PROBLEM - Has your child ever asked you for help on a homework question that you could not answer or you did not have time to help?Ai?? To make matters worse, it dosage of metformin for dogs. is 21:00 on a Sunday night and it has been years since you looked at trigonometry or knew the proper conjugation of a verb.


SOLUTION - ProfExpress has solved this problem. Student can simply log on to, ask their question, and they will be instantly connected to a certified teacher.Ai?? The results are better grades, more confidence in school and less stress for the whole family.

ProfExpress provides a simple, user-friendly process that links your child with our certified teacher. Once connected, our teachers are trained to ask the right questions so they can help your child learn, not just give answers.Ai?? Our advanced online classroom includes voice, video, whiteboard, chat and file sharing to allow for a comfortable and effective learning experience.

Math test tomorrow?Ai?? Stuck on a homework question?
1. Logon to
2. Ask your question in math, French or English
3. Get connected immediately to a certified teacher

TRACTION - Prof,,,,, Express is on target to close 100K Euros in our fiscal year ending July 2009.Ai?? We have provided over 1,000 sessions with 95% user satisfaction.

Our current clients include EDF, EADS, Total, Bank Popular, lowest price cialis 20mg, lowest price cialis 20mg, lowest price cialis 20mg, lowest price cialis 20mg, lowest price cialis 20mg, lowest price cialis 20mg, lowest price cialis 20mg, lowest price cialis 20mg. among others.

We are developing partnerships with companies in the technology, education and consumer markets.Ai?? Hachette has delivered 100K books with a Prof Express offer.Ai?? We will be launching a pilot test with a two public schools in Paris in the first half of 2009.Ai?? We are working with Orange to integrate Prof Express into their IT bundled solution.Ai?? We have received funding from Franceai??i??s OSEO program and have won SFRai??i??s Citizenship award at their SpeedStartUp Event. tadalafil pay with paypal.

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