Pixable launchs with good news

Oct 23 2009

“A lot has happened over the past two weeks and we wanted to share the good news.

On October 9, we launched Pixable to the public and it was received more positively than we could have imagined.A� Within the week following the launch we were covered by the New York Times, ABC News, and several other tech blogs on the web; in the New York Times, we were in the cover of the technology section; we were even named website of the day at Geeksugar.com and had plenty of buzz on Facebook and Twitter.

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The surge in interest not only continues to affirm our own confidence in Pixable, but has also piqued the interest of new investors, other companies that want to sign partnerships, and of course the public: our users.A� The number of Pixable users tripled over the course of two days following the articles in the press: from 400 to 1200.A� We continue to receive many positive comments from them, and while their nice words are great to hear, their feedback regarding bugs have been just as welcome, enabling us to find and fix any remaining bugs all the more quickly.

Stay tuned because we will be releasing news

Like our users, our team has also grown in size and we hardly fit in our apartment.

Aside from improving our site we have also been developing Facebook applications that will supplement our other viral marketing efforts (we call them Pixable Apps) and also help to position ourselves as the top of mind company for photos and your social graph.

Our strategy to acquire customers is premarin tablets 0.3. changing and we want to use these simple Pixable Apps related to photos for two reasons:

1) Lead generation: we expect to have thousands of users in each of these apps. It’s ambitious but we are confident.

2) Branding: as you know, our vision is to become the top of mind company when you think of photos and your social graph (photobooks and printed material is just the beginning).

We are still here in New York and are waiting to move into the incubator at 160 Varick Street. Although we had been accepted, the move in process has unfortunately not been so smooth with delays in furnishing and other logistics. We hope to move in sometime next month.

With the new press, surge in popularity of our site, and continued positive feedback we’re only more convinced that Pixable will be a success. If you haven’t done so yet, we invite you to create your first photobook for free at www.pixable.com. Just use the coupon NEWSLETTER at checkout.

Feel free to contact us at any time.”

Andres, Inaki & Alberto

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