Michael Eisner: media and entertainment success

Jun 09 2009

Michael Eisner is the former chief executive officer of the Walt Disney Company and the man generally considered responsible for Disney’s monumental success in the 1990s.


How viagra 40 pills for 99 $. answers.com explains, during the 1970s and early ’80s Eisner earned his reputation as a keen businessman, first as a programming director for ABC television and then as president of Paramount movie studios.

In September, 1984, Michael Eisner became Chairman and Chief Executive Officer ofA� The Walt Disney Company. Since the death of Walt Disney in 1966, the studio had continued to enjoy periodic box types of viagra. office successes, and to earn profits from its theme parks and merchandising, but many in the industry felt the company was suffering from a lack of direction. Within a few years, Eisner transformed the company into a media giant whose interests included movies, sports franchises, theme parks and television networks.

After a downhill in the late ’90s and leaving Disney, Michael Eisner has founded The Tornante Company (the name comes from the Italian for “hairpin turn”) to invest in and develop companies in the media and entertainment sector. Tornante holdings range from Team Baby Entertainment and the Internet television company Veoh Network, to the Topps bubblegum and trading card company.

In 2006, Michael Eisner hosted his own business and entertainment interview program, Conversations With Michael Eisner on the CNBC television network.

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