Looking for capital? For projects? XV Fòrum d’Inversió

Jun 09 2009

On 17 June will take place in Hit Barcelona XV Fòrum d’Inversió ACC1Ó, the meeting point between investors and entrepreneurs that promotes the search for funding for their projects. The Fòrum is taking place within the framework of the Barcelona Hit.


The XV Fòrum d’Inversió is organized by ACC1Ó. After 15 years, the Fòrum d’Inversió ACC1Ó has become the European benchmark for quality of business projects submitted and the number of participants involved. In this year edition will be present 9 innovative companies with high growth potential sectors of  TIC, Biotec and CLEANTECH.  6 Equity Fund catalans, 3 international and 3 Private Investors, will discuss current issues related to the business sector of investment.

The Fòrum include the active participation of investors, the networking before, during and after the Forum and the attendance of international investors. Attendance at the XV Fòrum is free and space is limited. You need to register in advance.

Networking before, during and after …

The registered (both investors and entrepreneurs) will be able to arrange meetings between them before the event. This year priority will be given to the registration of companies under fundraising and capital providers interested in finding new investment opportunities.


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