How to become one of the companies that are transforming the world, by R.M. Kanter

Jun 17 2009

“Inspirational leadership makes innovation work”


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There are 5 lessons essential to innovation, called a?The 5 Fsa?

1st: Focus

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2nd: Flexible

  • Flexibility means to be flexible with respect to rules and processes. Every company needs to have the flexibility to take their own course separate from the rules that had been established.
  • The lack of flexibility kills innovation more than anything else.
  • Without flexlibility there is no innovation.
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  • Before becoming the right idea is someoneas crazy idea competing.
  • If an idea looks really good means that we understand it, which in turn means itas not so innovative.
    • Companies should not bound to large hierarchys.
    • aWe donat want boureaucracy anymorea?.
    • Companies should be more organized around projects than around bosses.
    • You have to move fast because of the flexibility. Any team has a focus, every team that is flexible can move quickly, then they start to operate like companies, without burocracy.
    • Everyone can and should self-organize.
    • If you want to move fast you want everyone on your company to volunteer.
    • It stands for collaboration.
    • In order to success people have to enlight partnerships, internal and external.
    • CEOs have to suspend their egos.
    • Any company willing to learn from its parters is gonna get the best.
    • If itas not fun to go through demands of innovation, nobodyas gonna do it.
    • If the organizational t make it fun, it won’t succeed. It’s motivation that makes work fun.
    • Kantera’s Law: any project can look like a failiure in the middle. Specially when the ideas are very new. Persisting and persevering is the only way to get through it.
    • One of the secrets of innovation is innovators have more success but also more failure, and that is just because they tried more.
    • Every innovation often requires secondary innovations to get the primary innovation off the ground: innovation is also important in the processes and not just in the product.
    • Innovation never drops itself in.
    • People won’t let business stay without values.
    • The thinking should be I have two jobs: one at .. and the other to save the worlda?.
    • Be the change that you want to see in the worlda? Mahatma Gandhi.
  • 3rd: Fast

    4th: Friendly

    5th: Fun

    Other highlights:

    Extract by Josep Oriol Ayats and Guillem Mateos.

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