Guides to Successful Innovation

May 23 2010

Successful Innovation

Successful Innovation

Type “How to turn a good idea into successful innovation” in Google and you’ll get 1.750.000 results. Some websites seem to have come across the magical formula: “work, strengths, and impact“. Others point out that “successful strategic innovations need more than a great idea”. In other words, that “ideas by themselves are worthless”.

A few ones are more precise: “market orientation has to be directed towards clear product definition early in the innovation process”, and “success is driven by market-orientated teams who share their knowledge of current and future customer needs across all departments”. Eventually, the UK Department for Business Innovation and Skills presents a “60 minutes Guide to Innovation” (PDF) to turn ideas into profit. In Catalonia, ACC1Ó, the agency for competitiveness, puts some guides to innovation online, as well. On the other hand, the Cambra de Comerç de Barcelona explains how to innovate in 10 steps.

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