Global Mobile Awards 2010. Mobile Innovation Grand Prix.

Jun 18 2009

“Mobile devices will be with us anytime anywhere for everything.”


  • Accells technology will allow cellular user to be automatically identified by presenting any standard mobile handset in any application, with no need for mobile handset upgrades.
  • Application: Access control, ticketing, money transfer, transportation, point of sales, etc.
  • Mobile commerce market is a huge market. The market for our product is percieved to be $2,5 billion.
  • We are bringing a new paradigm in conctacless technology.
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  • Works with every existing phone as is.
  • You put the phone close to the device and it is instantly identified. Then the customer recieves an sms to confirm.
  • We are the first afforadbleAi?? solution on contactless technology for all mobile phones.


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  • It enables mobile phones without wap browser, html browser, widset widgets to use them.
  • Vision widgets. 1/10th the footprint and resource requirements of typical WRT.
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  • Integrated HTML browser for perfomance and richness.
  • Supports widest range of handsets for mass users.
  • “Write Once, Run many ” Widgets.
  • The deveoloper creates a widget, submits it to the Novarra vision server and it packages the software for every specific mobile phone.
  • It features sms, mms, social networks, email..
  • Can moneitze it with ads.

Extract by Josep Oriol Ayats

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