Electro Power Systems, winner Telecom Innovation Tournament

Oct 09 2009

Electro Power Systems can you take viagra through customs. (Italy), winner of the Telecom Innovation Tournament at Hit Barcelona 2009: “Premio Start up della��anno PNICube“.

ElectroPS, design and manufacturing of hydrogen fuel cell systems for back-up power, already has a field proven product family of fuel cell systems for backup applications covering firide finasteride. the range from 3 to 15 kVA. These products will be soon available with an innovative and modular on-site hydrogen generator to ensure the fast refilling of the vessels and thus changing the economy of back-up power.

“Electro Power Systems, azienda italiana operante nel settore dei sistemi a fuel cell a idrogeno per le applicazioni di backup energetico, A? stata insignita del Premio a�?Start up della��annoa�? da parte di PNICube, Associazione degli Incubatori e delle Business Plan Competition accademiche italiane.”


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