DreamWindows: audience favorite Global Entrepreneurship Competition

Jun 03 2009

DreamWindows focuses on establishing an internet video service infrastructure, and providing video service to vertical sites, including website, forum, blog and social network service.


We believe elavil. video service will penetrate into every individual internet site, becoming a fundamental service like pictures and music. However, the most of internet sites canai??i??t provide video service by self because of the high entry barrier of video service such as video system development and operating expenses.

Therefore, we have provided a complete video service solution, which could be seamlessly installed into websites and makes users of websites, forums, blogs share video as easily as share pictures. Up to now, there are more than 150,000 websites using our video service and 20,000,000 video viewed and 3,000,000 unique users per day.

Our revenues model is based on the following:

a, Targeting browsing: classify the traffic per the characteristics of the websites and forums, and consequently establish targeting browsing, making the PV bear more commercial value.

b, Video distribution: conveniently distribute videos to relevant websites kegunaan obat meloxicam, kegunaan obat meloxicam, kegunaan obat meloxicam, kegunaan obat meloxicam, kegunaan obat meloxicam, kegunaan obat meloxicam, kegunaan obat meloxicam, kegunaan obat meloxicam. and forums to gain the most broad coverage.

There is our competitive advantage:

a,Ai?? Unique video service model with Chinese characteristics which has gained 20,000,000 videoAi?? viewed and 3,000,000 unique users per day.

b, Generate traffic with more commercial value by aggregation best generic viagra forum. traffic and eyeball by vertical channels.

c, Possess a elite team with long-term running-in and clear division of work.

2 Responses to “DreamWindows: audience favorite Global Entrepreneurship Competition”

  • James Lee says:

    While online video service is hot in China, just like any other places in the world, there are unique characteristics, or hurdles for doing video service in China. DreamWindows has an unique business model to turn hurdles into advantages by aggregating contents and resources. I would think they are Web2.75 company, if not Web3.0 yet.

  • Johnson says:

    DreamWindows has its own business model, not like Youtube, not like Hulu. Because vertical users are watching vertical video with relative ads in vertical websites, they tend to accept the ads easier. Smart idea.

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