Cleaning Up 2009 Report Keynote

Jun 19 2009

“Massive govermentA�founding will reach the sector in 2011″

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  • 5X Clean tech investment growth from 2004 to 2007
    2008Q3 2008Q4 2009Q1 decrease
  • Main countries clean tech investment. USA, Spain, China and Brazil.
    Banks are growing in confidence again.
  • Clean tech sector needs a solid price of gas in order to be reliable.
  • Some banks have crushed. Banks that were leanders of clean tech innovation and projects.
  • During next year Cleantech production, even in the more optimistic scenario, is going to be over demand.
  • Europe is important, but USA is the place where VC founding is flowing.
  • The amount of money that is being rised is higher than the amount of money that is being invested.
  • Solar and wind are the main clean sectors were investment is taking place.
  • Spanish banks are covering the place left by other crushed banks as clean tech leaners leaders.
  • Massive govermentA�founding will reach the sector in 2011. When it happens, combined with a bank confidence growth, will push up clean tech sector again.

Extract by Daniel MartA�nez

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