Health Care 2.0

Abr 30 2010

Health Care (image from:

Health Care (image from:

Some economists say pessimism is slowing job creation and likely weakening the recovery. So, on a more positive note, it’s worth underlining that early-stage investors are still placing bets.

According to, they are looking at Internet, Software, Electronics, Mobile and Communications, Energy and Utilities, and Health Care. Therefore, being in the right sector can make all the difference. For the record, CB Insights enhances that Health Care was the most popular one among venture capitals in the fourth quarter (2009), attracting $1.8 billion spread over 167 deals.

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The above mentioned article also states that there is a clear recovery taking place right now in the biotech arena. Moreover, the Internet and digital medical information are having a major disruptive effect on the practice of medicine. Some experts predict in 10 years’ time remote care will keep patients healthy and at home. What do all these changes mean for the Health Care Industry, globally speaking and taking into account Inflatable Tent the long-awaited Health Care reform in the US?

Some of these topics were discussed in the e-Health week conference, held in Barcelona last March, and in the Health 2.0 congress, held in Paris, a few weeks ago. In her blog, Cristina Ribas eurax. points out some conclusions worth to be shared. The 2.0 Health Care products success depends on integration of data from private and public services, access to specialized communities and personalized content and some kind of virtual assistance.

What do you think about it? What’s next for Health Care? HitBarcelona offers you an ideal environment to discuss it. The congress will also bring together well-known experts of the sector, who will reveal the latest investment trends and explain where and how to invest. Will you miss this opportunity?

Hit Barcelona: healthcare innovation

Sep 02 2009

“Los ganadores de la Global Entrepreneurship Competition que han propuesto temas relacionados con la biotecnologA�a han sido los siguientes:
# Tercer premio de 10.000 euros: Polyskin (India), desarrolla productos innovadores a partir de material biolA?gico para su aplicaciA?n en quemaduras y otras heridas.
# Premio a la Mejor PresentaciA?n de 5.000 euros: Echopixel Technologies (MA�xico), enfocada en el cuidado de los pacientes proveyendo soluciones innovadoras con imA?genes tridimensionales no invasivas para detectar, diagnosticar y tratar mejor las enfermedades.” /


“HiT Barcelona a�� World Innovation Summit, announced the 15 finalists of its Healthcare Innovation Marketplace Tournament. All participating companies are in an advanced stage of development of products or services in healthcare delivery, medical technology, therapeutics and diagnostics and seek support from partners with the objective of achieving market mercalm medication. penetration.”


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Startups Hit Barcelona 2009

Ago 20 2009

“Spanish Company Bmat, Winner of the Hit Barcelona’s Global Entrepreneurship Competition, the first ever truly international tournament that brought together at HiT Barcelona“.


“Woices selected as one the three more promising TIC startups by ACC1A�. Woices present at the 2009 World Innovation Summit”.

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Catalan companies recognized for innovation at Hit Barcelona 2009

Ago 12 2009

“Eyytoo, empresa catalana de nueva creaciA?n, ha ganado el Foro de InversiA?n de ACC1A�”

“Catalan company Starlab, from the healthcare sector, recognized 1 guy 1 jar video actual video. for innovation at HIT Barcelona”

“La empresa catalana Starlab, del sector a�?healthcarea��, premiada en el HIT Barcelona por su innovaciA?n”


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Keynote - Taking healthcare research from the bench to the bedside, by IrA�ne Norstedt

Jun 18 2009

“Europe did not look attractive for Pharmaceutical research”


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  • IMI: Public private partnership between European Union and Elpia.
  • 27 countries and 27 brands behind this partnership.
  • R&D expenses are raising but the results are doing at a much smaller rate.
  • IMI Aims:
    1. Modernize drug development
    2. Support ‘pre-competitive pharmaceutical research and development’
    3. Foster collaboration
    4. Not developing any new medicines!
  • IMI Focus: Safety, Efficacy
  • Efficacy and Safety are often disease specific
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  • How is IMI operating?

    1. Supports collaborative research projects
    2. Project funding via combined contributions
    3. Average project size: 30M euro
    4. Average partnership: 10-15 pharmaceutical companies and 10-15 academic, SMC.
  • Pharmaceutical companies not used to work with each other.
  • Key Challenges:
    1. Change of behaviors: competitors vs partners
    2. Honesty: long term team consensus vs short term individual advantage
    3. Fairness
    4. Courage
    5. Reliability
  • If you want to make a change
    1. Have the right idea at the right time
    2. Do your homework
    3. Limit your objectives
    4. Engage all stakeholders
    5. Working together is challenging but rewarding
    6. Be persistent and patient

Extract by Guillem Mateos

Dr Claire Skentelbery: network of European BioRegions

Jun 14 2009

Dr Claire Skentelbery a�� Director of Operations, Europe vosteran. Unlimited & Network Manager, Council of European BioRegions (CEBR) (BE).


Dr Claire Skentelbery works with Europe Unlimited as Business Development Adviser alongside her role as Network Manager for the Council of European BioRegions (CEBR).
Since gaining a PhD in biochemistry, she has worked extensively in the biotechnology sector, including scientific marketing, National Contact Point for UK biotech in FP5, a freelance technical writer, Business Development Manager within ERBI (the Cambridge biotech network) and and most recently, in the development of the pan-European cluster network CEBR.

Dr Claire Skentelbery is the moderator of the company presentations at the Healthcare marketplace, Hit Barcelona 2009. can men take metronidazole.

Irene Norstedt: Europe’s need to work together

Jun 14 2009

Dr Irene Norstedt has overseen the launch of the biggest European Commission healthcare initiative of recent years, the how do i get viagra. Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI).


IMI has the objective to meet the key bottlenecks that face getting new therapies to the market and focuses precisely on key technical challenges.A� In helping buy celebrex uk. build the IMI, Dr Norstedt has faced the key issues in European healthcare and is perfectly placed to talk about the Europea��s overall need to work together and work effectively in a healthcare climate of increased demand, increased cost and no easy answers.

Irene Norstedt is the Head of Innovative Medicines, Health Research, European Commission.

Michael de Haan: How to turn capital into commercial success

Jun 11 2009

michiel_haan “It is the perfect blend of our proven company building experience and the capital we provide that will turn medical innovations into commercial successes within the smallest timeframe possible”.

Michiel de Haan is the founder of Atlas Venture, a venture capital company currently managing USD 2.2 billion, from offices in Boston, London, Paris and Munich. Atlas has been involved in more than 300 venture-backed companies. From 1980 to 2000 Michiel served as managing partner of Atlas Venture. His personal venture management involvement within Atlas was focused on Life Science companies in which he held numerous board seats.

As General Partner of Aescap these are their goals:

a�?We believe that we can accelerate the value creation of medical ventures by:
a�?A�A�A� Providing capital and planning and arranging future investment rounds
a�?A�A�A� Being a trusted sparring partner in all business disciplines
a�?A�A�A� Helping to build strong management and solid teams
a�?A�A�A� Determining the best strategic partner or first customer for the business
a�?A�A�A� Opening up our comprehensive network in biomedics, venture capitalA� and other sectors
Putting the highly relevant real-life experiences that our team members have, to use for the entrepreneurs we work with. At Aescap Venture, our partners have extensive experience and proven performance to help create successful businesses. As a result of our focus and dedication in the medical market we fully understand the opportunities and threats within this challenging arena. Yet the most valuable asset is our multi-disciplinary team approach. This allows us to be a trusted, solid sparring partner on all topics of entrepreneurship.

Companies are judged on the following criteria eli 20. : key personnel, uniqueness/patents, product/market combinations, time-to-market, and envisaged exit opportunity.
We invest in companies active in the most promising segments in the medical industry. Companies using technologies that are sufficiently mature zovirax 400 mg. to yield realistic product-opportunities as well as cashflow from licensing deals. These technologies include, but are not limited to:
a�?A�A�A� use of existing drugs/biosimilars for a�?newa�� indications
a�?A�A�A� personalised medicine and its screening devices
a�?A�A�A� new antibiotics
a�?A�A�A� advanced drug supply of existing compounds
a�?A�A�A� gene delivery for vaccines and gene therapy
a�?A�A�A� implants for the treatment of handicapped vision, Parkinsona��s, etc.

a�?Right now, Europe has a strong scientific basis, however, with insufficient commercialization,a�� said Michiel de Haan. ‘Europea��s promising biomedical investment climate convinces us that our next investments will be just as lucrative as our previous ones. Aescapa��s investments spread their risk over multiple products / market combinations through which they can create substantial market value. We sincerely believe that we will generate the same top quartile profits for our investors as we have done in the past.’
In 1974 Michiel received an MBA from Erasmus University in Rotterdam. From 1974 until 1980 he worked at NMB (now ING). He represented the bank in the earliest Dutch Venture Capital Funds and started NMB-Participatie, which he later bought to create Atlas Venture.

Tricardics: audience favorite Global Entrepreneurship Competition

Jun 08 2009

Human health problems take the first place in the modern society. Lately, the problem of heart valve prostheses and implantation becomes more and more critical. Play top free slots online and forget about poverty.

The existing types of heart valves can not be considered good enough as for they cannot provide safety and comfort of the patients: biological heart valves do not require intake of special drugs, but there is need of reimplantation in 7-10 years; mechanical heart valves have high durability, but require intake of anticoagulant drugsInflatable Water Game. According to the opinion of the leading experts in the artificial heart valves sphere, none of the existing heart valve types is suitable for majority of patients. Therefore, there is a huge need in the heart valves of new generation.
Starting 2001 RosCardioInvest company has been developing a new model of artificial heart valve a tri-leaflet valve TriCardics, that does not have any analogues on the world market.

The basic advantages which is offered by a new product design to patients:
New valves provide central blood flow, which reduces the level of turbulence.

Improved quality of patient life: reduce consumption of anticoagulants, low noise, low blood haemolysis and high generic dapoxetine uk. reliability.

Valves combine advantages of both valves types, which presently existing: mechanical valves reliability and the low improved characteristics, characteristic for biological valves. Thanks to it, valves can take a place in the 1.2 bln USD world heart valve market.
RosCardioInvest was the first company in the world which successfully completed human clinical trials of the tri-leaflet heart valve in 2008. 38 implantations were made by the start of 2009. Tri-leaflet heart valve TriCardics first in the world was approved for patients in Russia in March 2009.
Tri-leaflet heart valve is protected by 6 Russian patents, 2 European patents, 1 US patent and several international patent applications. how can i get cialis on prescription.

Werner Wolf: the development of bioscience sector

Jun 05 2009

Werner Wolf is Venture Partner and former Senior Science & Technology Advisor to TVM, Bio Innovations 5mg prednisolone without prescription. .


Bio Innovation SA was established in June 2001 to accelerate development of South Australiaa��s bioscience sector.A� Its mission is to enable the creation of 50 new bioscience companies and 2500 jobs by 2010.

The Bio Innovation SA team works with the bioscience community using a synergistic approach to industry development focusing on a range of commercial activities. Also implements many unique initiatives to encourage collaboration within the bioscience community.

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Bio Innovation SA is responsible for implementing South Australia’s bioscience strategy and assists the State Government with policy development.

Bio Innovation SA has a partnership with BioCentiv, one of Europea��s leading biotechnology industry incubators in Jena, Germany. BioCentiv is a services company in the area of commercialisation of biotechnology and life sciences, and operates a technology and start-up centre, the BioInstruments Centre. In addition, BioCentiv, together with the non-profit organisation BioRegio Jena e.V., is the coordinator of the BioInstrument cluster in the Free State of Thuringia.

Werner Wolf is, since 1992, Project evaluation for the European Commission in FP3, FP4, FP5, and FP6, expert to DG12 in Biotechnology, member of the Advisory Group a�?BioFinancea�?, Project evaluation of business plans for funding agencies like INITS/Vienna, BioM/Munich.