Carlos Domingo: ai???Defining Roles to Build Innovationai???, Telecom Innovation

May 29 2009

“I like everything that has to do with the Internet, computers, software and gadgets, not just the geeky aspect but also the business side.”

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Carlos Domingo is the director for Internet and Multimedia for TelefA?nica R&D, based in Barcelona, where he managed the R&D center. He has been all over the place for the last 15 years, specially in Tokyo, his favorite town, and finally came back in mid 2006 to his home town.

Carlos Domingo holds a MsC in computer science from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, a PhD in computer science from the Polytechnic University in Catalonia and postgrad business studies from Stanford Business School. Carlos has 15+ years experience in the IT and telecommunications industry. After different professional stages at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Synera Systems S.L and Toyota Overseas Marketing, in 2002 he become VP of Technology for Celartem, a publicly traded Japanese company buy tri mix gel online, buy tri mix gel online, buy tri mix gel online, buy tri mix gel online, buy tri mix gel online, buy tri mix gel online, buy tri mix gel online, buy tri mix gel online. and eventually became the CEO of its US subsidiary after merging Extensis, LizardTech and Celartem USA. In 2006 he joined TelefA?nica R&D as the director for internet and multimedia based in Barcelona, where he also manages the R&D Center.

In his blog Un poco de todo, (a little bit of everything in Spanish), from technology, business and globalization to movies, books, Spain and Japan, explains:

ai???one of the reasons some companies have a hard time innovating on the Internet is because a lot of the people taking decisions about products suhagraat ka video. and services are digital immigrants (or worst, digital aliens) and therefore they do not get some of the things that digital adaptives or digital natives like. This terminology is really cool as it helps not only to understand educational issues but also to explain differences in behavior when using digital servicesai???.

Recently he has been awarded with the ai???Premio Nacional a la Trayectoria Profesionalai??? granted by the ai???AsociaciA?n de Ingenieros en InformA?ticaai???.

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